In April of 2020, at the onset of the pandemic, the world was shutting down, including offices. With the weather still chilly in the Chicago area, the prospect of enduring lockdown in 50-60°F conditions was far from appealing. So, Paul and his wife, now empty nesters, decided to spend a month in sunny Orlando. By day, Paul worked remotely from a rental with a poolside view of palm trees. By night, he explored local entertainment venues, and on weekends, he reveled in the magic of Disney and Universal. This unforgettable experience sparked a desire to share the joy with other families.

Paul approached his father, Lou, and his brother, Jeff, with an idea: to create a company that offers families a private, thematic oasis where they can create lasting memories without compromising on savings, security, and service. They envisioned bringing the magic of Disney and Universal to their properties. Thus, Blue Skies Property Investment was born.

Blue Skies is a labor of love overseen by our family – two brothers and our father – united by a shared passion for hospitality. We love Disney, Universal, and the movies that continue to bring us joy, and we want to share that joy with you and your families.

Currently, we have four properties, each branded with the “Magic” theme and uniquely decorated to immerse you in the movies. Become a wizard at the Magic Escape, battle the empire at the Magic Galaxy, take a swashbuckling adventure at the Magic Treasure, or become a princess at the Magic Dream. Let the memories begin!